Re-Knotting or Re-Weaving Services

Just like any other upholstery at home, your carpet may also be at the stake of undesired damages from children, pets, and moths.

There is, however, No Need to Worry! In any such event, all you need is a rug repair specialist, like Karpets, who can proficiently refurbish the carpet to restore its original look and feel by applying appropriate techniques.

Our carpet repair experts precisely understand the type of rug they are dealing with, and have a thorough knowledge of the carpet’s pattern and design to ensure a perfect re-knot or re-weave of the distressed parts.

Team Karpets offers top-of-the-line re-knotting or re-weaving services. Our seasoned rug repair workforce is capable of re-capturing the original damaged piece of the carpet design that even the rug owner will find it tough to spot which part of the rug was spoiled.

Our Hand Rug Re-Knotting Services Include:

Estimating the extent and cost of damages;


Re-weaving of damaged areas;


Reinforcement of weak or loosened areas;


Hand wrapping of worn side edges;


Improving any pre-existing repairs;


Altering the carpet size for that desired fit;

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