Do You Still Remember that Early Days Plush Look of your Carpet!?!

Carpet is one of the luxurious ingredients that add an exclusive look to the prime-layouts of a residence. For that reason, we usually get tempted to arrange them at the most visited and busiest vicinities especially, the living room, in our home. The frequent footfall of visitors, however, may wear out the rugs’ fabric and gradually make it look gloomy. Moreover, this excessive people’s movement carries various contaminants, like bacteria, dust mites, along with other dust elements, and even pollutes the air quality you breathe in. Therefore, you need an Expert Care to ensure that Everlasting Dust-Free and Healthy Newness to your Carpets!

Proficient Team at Karpets provides a thorough cleaning and faster drying of the carpet and assures a healthier home for you and your loved ones.

Carpet Cleaning Experts @ Karpets Ensure that:


the rug retains its original beauty


the fabric remains undamaged


the contaminants extracted and eliminated


the air quality gets improved

No Matter you want our Professional Carpet Cleaning Services at Home or Office, our Experts will visit your premises for a Happy Cleaning.

How We Do It?


First, we thoroughly vacuum the dry soil, hair, sand, dirt, and dust particles from the carpets. Because these dust-elements can harm the carpet fiber and can gradually deteriorate the carpet’s appearance.


Stain Pre-Treat
We use active ingredients and advanced deodorizers that eliminate all kinds of stains and toughest odor-causing marks, without upsetting the carpet fiber, color, and look.


Ultra-Advanced Cleaning Equipment
We use high-speed rotating brushes that effectively loosen and remove deep-seated dirt, grime, stains, and even allergens (like pollen) from the carpet fibers.


We then extract dirty water with suspended soil from the carpet using our powerful suction equipment, leaving the rug clean and shiny as new.

Carpet Cleaning Recommendations from Our Experts:


Allow the rug to air dry at least 24 hours before start using it again


All carpets must get an expert cleaning at-least once a year, as the washing treatment depends on how much footfall a carpet gets:

  • For Low to Medium Traffic – you must get the carpet cleaned within 18-Months
  • For Heavy Usage – a thorough quarterly cleaning is a must

Looking for a proficient and reliable carpet cleaning service in Delhi NCR, connect with our Carpet Cleaning Experts..

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