This winter feel the heaven under your feet with one of our Fine silk carpets woven to retain its lustre and last longer than kings, empowers and dynasties. Indulge yourself in its exquisite richness, which instantly makes you feel like Royalty.

The much-awaited season of the year is all upon us. Yes, here we are talking about winter. We can now feel the biting cold and chilly mornings that also bring a sheer amount of pleasure. It is considered the best season to enjoy wearing variety of clothes, hot chocolate or copious mugs of tea or coffee. As the cold weather sets in, it is also important to make your home winter-ready to create a cosy environment to enjoy house-parties and festivals. Creating warm and cosy environment in a living room is very important to make guests feel comfortable. And to do that, nothing is as important as the premium woollen rug or carpet. It is nothing short of a bliss during the winter season as one can feel the warmth while stepping out of the warm bed or coming out of the bathroom. Modern woollen carpets come in variety of shades, styles, patterns and designs to not only enhance the warmth factor but décor statement too.

Wool is known for its warmth and protection against cold weather. It is also known as a natural insulator because it retains heat for a longer period of time and saves a lot of energy. However, it is very important to have a high-quality woollen rug or carpet to get the real and maximum value. A premium woollen rug can amplify the warmth that you need in the chilly weather and also add oodles of charm to your décor. The first enticing feature of a pure woollen rug is the craftsmanship. Weavers put a lot of creativity and effort into designing and weaving woollen rugs. From weaving unique designs to giving a touch of elegance, these rugs are nothing but one of the important décor pieces for the winter season. It is available to all register mylvking Malaysia members.

Broadly, Woollen rugs come in two styles:

Classic: This style keeps the traditional work intact while giving some bold colours in the background to enhance the potential of frames

Modern: The Contemporary style is in accordance to the latest trends, colour palette and exactly complement different home decors, thus, one can easily match the rug with their home décor. For an instance, modern craftsmanship is driven by latest technology, patterns and designs. One can find out objects such as flowers in a highlighted manner so that it clearly shows on the carpet and catch the instant attention.

Why to choose woollen carpet for your home in the winter season?

First of all, Wool is a non-allergic fibre, thus, it keeps all kinds of bacteria away from the room and helps in creating a livable environment especially for the people suffering from chronic ailments such as allergy or breathing related issues.

Secondly, It is easy to manage and clean woollen rugs due to their natural protecting membranes. The fibre doesn’t let stains or wet spills to enter into the carpet, and one can easily clean it up with a vacuum cleaner.

Thirdly, wool has some amazing natural properties that make it to accept dyes in a beautiful manner. Thus, one can find out variety of colors, styles and patterns in woollen rugs. From oriental styles tribal or animal patterns, from variety of motifs to customized colors, there is a great scope of finding variety in woollen rugs in the winter season to amplify the comfort and décor.

Fourthly, wool is known for its solid performance, durability and sustainability. High-quality woollen rugs are made with original wool obtained from sheep or other animals such as goats, rabbits etc.

Woollen rugs shopping checklist for buyers.

To make it easier for you to choose the best and original woollen rug, We put together a smart checklist

First of all, it is important to know that wool has grades, good, better and the best. The highest quality of wool is considered as the best grade. It is mostly used in producing area rug. Thus, always ask for a grade to get the best quality.

Secondly, High-quality woollen rugs are very soft and subtle. One can instantly feel the warmth while touching it, whereas the lesser quality of woollen rugs are brittle to the touch and don’t offer great warmth.

Thirdly, Hand-made premium woollen rugs are finer and sustainable compared to machine made rugs. The former has a luxury feel and aura unlike the latter. Video pokies, on the other hand, are about as modern as you could get without venturing into the world of virtual reality. Thus, it is always recommended to go with the hand-tufted or woven rugs. Surrendering is used in especially bad situations where losing half of your bet is a better option than taking your chances by playing the hand.

So, get ready to bring oodles of warmth to your living room with premium woollen rugs or carpets as the colder months are fast-approaching.

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